Where To Buy Tensor Ring Products? Find Best E-Shops Now!

Where to buy tensor ring products

This will help you to find places online where to buy tensor ring products. And learn a bit more about tensor products.

Tensor rings come in different sizes, called different cubit lengths and fractions of them. Each cubit length is associated with a frequency. Different frequencies are suitable for different applications (what they are best used for).

Different fractions of the cubit lengths can also be used, for example: 0.5, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and other.

tensor rings – Harmonic Creation Field Trio Personal (twistedsage.com)

Where to buy tensor ring products in Europe

https://www.crystalsound-energyproducts.com/en/shop/ – based in The Netherlands, ships worldwide

Same shop, but more examples of custom made products, which are only on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/crystalsoundenergyproducts/photos/?ref=page_internal

Where to buy tensor ring products in UK

https://photonorgone.co.uk/tensor-rings—water-purification-75-c.asp – ships worldwide

Where to buy tensor ring products in USA

https://shop.twistedsage.com/ – ships worldwide

Where to buy tensor ring products in Australia

https://www.universalenergyclearing.com/shop?Collection=EMF+and+Copper+tools+-+Twisted+Sage – official distributor for twistedsage tensor products

https://www.facebook.com/Tensor-Empowered-Reasonance-414685489082266/photos/?ref=page_internal – located in Australia, ships worldwide

Some sellers do not have an e-shop (own domain, own website), they only have a page on Facebook, and they post images of their custom hand made products there, people can ask for prices and shipping details by contacting the Page owner first. Often you can find certain unique items, which are only on Facebook and not anywhere else.

Where to buy tensor ring products Worldwide

The very first and official site selling Slim Spurling tensor products: https://www.lightlifetechnology.com/find-a-distributor-a/137.htm – all International and United States distributors list with contact details and links to web sites

https://www.etsy.com/search?q=tensor click on “All Filters” and at the bottom choose your country for the “Ship to”

The most common advantages of buying products in a country and continent where you live

  • shipping available to your address
  • faster shipping
  • cheaper shipping
  • avoid certain additional import fees and tax fees

The common differences between different sellers

  • higher quality products
  • certain unique products not available elsewhere
  • cheaper products
  • ability/capability/readiness for creating custom products meeting your specific requests and requirements

At the end, you may buy products from a country, which is further away from you, so make sure to look at the various products in several e-shops, do not limit yourself by visiting just a single seller/e-shop.

A common approach before buying is to ask the seller a few questions and see how you feel about the received answers.

It is important that the seller uses cubit lengths and not just any random lengths for the tensor products.

Certain cubit lengths combine well with each other, certain not so well, knowledgeable sellers know about this and can give you advice.

Reiki, EMF, Depression & Tensor Rings

Practitioners of certain alternative complementary healing modalities such as Reiki often use tensor rings also. Reiki practitioners say that using tensor rings amplifies and accelerates the healing potential, so they can help achieve certain results in fewer sessions. People who do not feel a noticeable change after their first session are less likely to come back and recommend it to others compared to those who experience a much more noticeable change. Utilizing tensor products to achieve faster and more noticeable results is a win-win situation, the main win being helping the person more with simultaneous usage of tensor products.

Tensor rings can counteract harmful EMF rays (electromagnetic frequencies), which can be harmful to the human body.

People who are sensitive to EMF could benefit from using tensor products.

If you are looking for EMF protection, also protection from 5G, then you might be interested to look into tensor products.

Some frequencies are suitable to assist in healing on the physical, emotional and mental level. Practitioners can use Tensor products with such cubit lengths (frequencies) to help people who suffer from certain types and forms of depression. If the person feels better at the end of a session, then the person is leaving with a better state of health be it physical, emotional and/or mental.

Common ways how to use tensor rings

  • Place it on parts of the body where you feel pain
  • Place it on parts of the body at the areas of the main chakras
  • Place it under a glass of water, you can use several tensor rings (different sizes and frequencies, some combinations fit particularly well together) at the same time
  • Place it under the pillow while sleeping
  • Place it under the bed
  • Place it at your feet and/or head (both ends of the bed “standing”) to create a “tunnel of energy to sleep in”
  • Sit inside a tensor ring
  • While sitting have your legs inside a tensor ring
  • Place it in the fridge and place food inside of it
  • Place your supplements inside of a bigger tensor ring
  • Place your crystals, orgone/orgonite items inside of a tensor ring
  • Place some of your electronic devices inside of tensor rings
  • Place your plants inside of tensor rings
  • Improve your meditation: sit inside of it, have it as a necklace, have it on your head

References for more information

A primary source of information for newbies, starters (those who are new to this), could be also the books by Slim Spurling.