What’s The Point of Living? Is There a Higher Purpose?

What's the point of living? Is there a higher purpose?

Many people are asking themselves questions such as: What’s the point of living? What should I do in life? Does it matter what I do? Am I missing out on something important? Is there an optimal life path for everyone? Is there a higher purpose?

The answers depend on from which perspectives you look at it. We will look at these questions from a few possible perspectives, so that you can get some helpful insights to decide for yourself what feels best to you and what next steps you might want to do based on that.

Most Common Reasons for Asking the Question: “What’s the point of living?”

Most often, people ask this question when they feel unsatisfied with their job and don’t feel fulfilled, or and perhaps they wish to have a job that they love doing. A big portion of our life is the time we spend working. So it makes sense to ask yourself questions like:

  • Which of my hobbies do I enjoy the most, and what jobs exist related to my hobbies, so that I could turn one, or even more of them, to be my jobs at the same time?
  • Are there jobs that would feel like playing? Playing is fun.
  • Which jobs are most suitable for my personality?
  • What are my biggest talents that have developed or are dormant? Talents that I am really good at, and ones that allow me to perform at my highest potential; focusing these talents so that others can benefit from it.
  • Which jobs are contributing the most to making life on this planet better, for both the current and future generations to come?

A suitable job would be a combination of all or many of the above. It suits your personality, talents, is beneficial for the life on this planet, and it feels like a hobby; you are naturally drawn to it and actually doing it, is fun and enjoyable. When looking for the perfect job, one should enjoy going to work, and return home feeling energized, inspired, and happy. Why do a job that you do not like, if instead you could do a job that you like much more? The suggestions we will mention regarding finding out more about your personal individual life purpose, can be used to gain helpful insights in what job could be a great choice for you.

Another common reason for asking yourself, ‘What’s the point of living?’ is a sudden shocking life situation; such as accidents, illnesses, a near-death experience, loss of a loved one, getting deeply and emotionally hurt. This makes one stop and question what life is about and how to continue life and why.

You might be feeling a big dissatisfaction with your life and you’re now looking to change it, but you are in the phase in which you do not know yet, what is a direction worthwhile walking towards? This is a common phase in many people’s lives. You are about to receive some ideas about a number of possible ways on how to find out about potential new paths to consider. You are about to find out more about ‘What’s the point of living?’

Inner Wish to Choose the Optimal Life Path

Is there a higher purpose? Is there something pre-determined for me individually, which would make me feel more fulfilled, if I consciously knew about it and lived according to it? If there is, how do I find out what it is? There are several possible ways, in which you can consider to inquire for such information. Information that can help you decide what kind of life, lifestyle, and life goals you wish to focus on. Here are a few different options to find out more about purpose of life, and the higher purposes in life:

  1. Imagining Your Dream Life: How would your ideal life look (e.g. an ideal day, week, month and year)? What activities would you be doing? Trust your own unique visions
  2. The Last Moments Before Dying Perspective
  3. Gap Year: Gain more clarity via life experiences from completely new environments. Open up to more possibilities, broaden your perspective, discover, experience and include more options on what to do in life and how to live
  4. Intuition: Learning and practicing exercises to strengthen your own intuition, will help you navigate through life day by day
  5. Best Next Step: What next thing excites you the most? Living more in the moment, with little planning, or letting life unfold by following the formula of always doing the most exciting thing that is available to you in any given moment
  6. Astrology
  7. Akashic Records
  8. Psychic Readings
  9. Ayahuasca Plant Medicine (not for everyone): This is journeying with an experienced shaman who, using plant medicine (direct experience), can guide you towards a vision of a suitable way of living
  10. No Purpose – just “Isness”: Then there is no judgment about what happens
  11. Higher Purpose: In regards to enlightened beings, immortality of the soul, and continuous cycles of evolution

How Would an Ideal Life Look to You?

First, try to imagine one or even more alternative ways of living; something that you feel highly excited about, where you can imagine that you would highly enjoy living such a life. You can be excited about more than one way of living. Then select all the pieces from all of what you think is possible for you, according to your current belief system, and think about all the possible ‘HOWs’ in order to be able to start moving in that direction every single day.

What steps would I have to make? What lifestyle changes and habits would I have to do daily? What skills would I need to learn in order to get there, in order to start moving in that direction, in order to start seeing progress and start experiencing first success moments?

Living with 30%, 50%, 70%, or more of those things in your life would mean a more enjoyable life for you, compared to not taking any action at all, and just giving up on everything.

The Last Moments Before Dying Perspective – Create Your Personal List

When thinking about your life purpose, you could also think about what would make you feel at peace when looking back at your life, towards the end and when you are much older.

For example, at the end of my life I will be happy about being able to say:

  • I lived my life with good intentions
  • I laughed a lot
  • I read a lot of books

Just because of this, my life was good.

What would be on your list? What would be enough for you to feel a sense of satisfaction? This is highly individual. How short is your list? Can you be satisfied with your life when there are just a few items on your list? Once you have your minimal list, then you can create a ‘nice to have’ list (your happiness doesn’t depend on it; the items on it can serve for self-motivation without a self-imposed stress added to them) and approach the items on it in a more playful way.

Gap Year

It is getting more popular and more available, especially with sites that enable us to work away from home. Visiting new countries, places, experiencing different cultures and lifestyles, learning new skills, planning new adventures, this all helps to greatly broaden the perspective on life, grow and mature as a person in just a short period of time. Browse through all the options, and the emotional indicator is the “wow feeling”, which will give you a sign that there are opportunities out there that greatly excite you. Gather “wow” experiences, not things.


We often have a very distinct feeling as if we are getting a hint, as if we just suddenly know something out of nowhere; this sensation can translate into a clear yes or no before thinking kicks in. There is an internal guidance system, which is beyond the mind. Some people make use of it very often and trust it, others don’t. Living life by being more aware of your intuition and acting on it, could be one of the best ways to live your life; those who follow this way of life, say they don’t regret it.

It is possible to strengthen your intuition and your ability to be aware of it more.

The Higher Self / The Higher Mind

When looking for a life purpose, or your personal life purpose, we often find references to the so-called “Higher Self” who sees the bigger perspective and thus has a better overview about things you are not aware of with your analytical mind. We can consider it as part of your intuition. It communicates to you through anything and everything. Do not expect that it can only be in the form of a direct dialogue, with some kind of a distinct voice in your head or that it is only present while meditating. The Higher Self can communicate with you using whatever the easiest way is of passing on information, for example:

  • Overhearing a conversation, where someone is talking about something that inspires you or gives you a missing piece of information.
  • Going through a newspaper you found and seeing an article that tells you what you might look into next.
  • Traveling on public transport and hearing something on the radio you would not listen to normally.

These and many others are all ways in which the Higher Self uses, to pass on information to you in an indirect way. The question is “Are you paying attention? Are you listening? Are you noticing? Are you mindful of it?”

What Excites You The Most? The Full Formula According To “Bashar”

There is a formula for living, which was probably the most often repeated core message over many years of Q&A sessions with Bashar. Who is Bashar? Bashar is a non-physical being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka.

The formula (more detailed instructions):

“Take action on the opportunity that contains the highest excitement. Act on that excitement to the best of your ability with absolutely zero insistence or assumption with respect to a specific outcome.” Do this every day, several times per day. It can be simple and short things such as going for a walk or reading a book or calling a friend or doing yoga or cooking your favorite dish.

Regarding the Higher Self, and speaking about Bashar, there is the following concept of “Bashar’s Nine Levels of Consciousness”:

Nine Levels of Consciousness by Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka
Nine Levels of Consciousness by Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka

This suggests that we have something like “individual life themes”.

Before analyzing and trying to find out and understand the purpose of living and higher purpose, it would be useful to first get a better understanding of what is existence and the structure of existence (Bashar).

Your Greater Being is in Spirit (Bashar).

Astrology to Get Insights About Tendencies

Astrology readings can be used to get some additional insights about personal characteristics, compatibilities and tendencies; such as informing you about possible major events that could happen in your life, at a certain time of your life.

You might not want to rely on just one reading. You could do three independent readings and take the information, which was common in all three of them; take it only as a general guidance.

Another approach is to do a reading, just for the next three months. After those three months, see how much of it was true and helpful; if it was helpful, then you may have found a good astrologist, if not, you will have to keep looking for another one until you find a good one.

Additionally, to check if the astrologist could be helpful to you, ask for them to describe your past; what happened according to them in the last twelve months of your life.

Get an Astrology reading today.

Akashic Records

A definition of the Akashic Records from Wikipedia:

In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records is a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms, not just human. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the mental plane. It is believed all thoughts, words, intent etc. generates its own unique “frequency or vibration” which is stored in the Akashic Records.

You can find and contact people who say they can access the Akashic Records and get a private personal reading.

You can find suggestions for questions you could ask in the free e-book “Quest for a depression-free life” in the chapter “Give Meaning to Your Life”.

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Psychic Readings

People who have extrasensory abilities and heightened intuition, use different divination tools that can give you information from a new perspective, which could be helpful for you. They can communicate with the non-physical part of existence as well as access pieces of information, that is beyond the analytical mind and the five senses. There are different ways that they do this; some use automatic writing, others see images when they close their eyes, and some have internal dialogues with their Spirit Guides or other Spirit Beings.

Tips for finding a psychic online:

  • check the reviews, and whether there are several repeat customers
  • don’t take it as the absolute only truth
  • don’t rely on just one person and one method of inquiry
  • you may get more out of it if you choose those who offer the readings/information in form of audio files rather than just written text

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Ayahuasca Plant Medicine

Ayahuasca is an extract from at least two different plants. The extract is prepared in a specific way by shamans. It is a liquid, which you drink in a safe environment with experienced shamans, who are leading the ceremony.

One of the most known active ingredients is DMT (responsible for visions and visual insights, DMT is naturally occurring in small amounts in humans and can be released in the body), but it is not just about the DMT, the plants have their consciousness, and the shamans are guiding you too.

Ayahuasca (sacred plant medicine) is used for deep healing of body, mind and spirit. It is not a recreational drug and it is non-addictive. There is a certain recommended strict diet, which is to be followed prior to taking part in an ayahuasca ceremony with shamans. It is not for everyone, and you need to feel the calling without having to be persuaded.

Often Ayahuasca has been considered mostly by people, who have tried so many other things as a solution for their misery and physical/mental suffering, but nothing helped and they are running out of options what else to try. By many who tried both different types of therapies and ayahuasca, considered it to be a much faster path; saving many years of therapy.

Many people whose live path lead them to participate in ayahuasca ceremonies gained more clarity for themselves about ‘what’s the point of living’.

There are several documentaries on YouTube about ayahuasca. There are also many user testimonials who talk about their own experiences. It is best to get an impression from them too, as it gives an even better understanding compared to just reading about it. There are also several Facebook groups, where you can access more information.

Life Without Purpose – Meaningless or Meaningful?

“Life is meaningless” – which means, everything is fundamentally neutral. The gift everybody has is that you can and are giving your own meaning to everything. The meaning you give is what you will get out of it. You have the freedom to choose, what you want to focus on, and from what perspective you want to explore it.

You could choose: Striving for achieving perfect homeostasis, balance and living from that state, exploring life from that state. This includes living a lifestyle, which includes maintaining a healthy body to the best of your ability. “The eight limbs of yoga” is another suggestion for achieving and living life in a balanced way.

The Highest Life Purpose – Is There a Higher Purpose?

Regardless of personal strengths, weaknesses, life lessons, and themes and other personalized things, many enlightened beings throughout history speak about the existence of a Higher Purpose or the ultimate goal, one that applies to every human being and to the continuous evolution of their consciousness.

For example we will mention quotes from a few enlightened (liberated) beings:

  • Meher Baba
  • Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri
  • Eckhart Tolle

They answer the question ‘what’s the point of living’ from the perspective of an enlightened state of being, from a higher, more evolved, more awake, more illuminated, more self-recognized level of consciousness.

Quotes from the book “Discourses” by Meher Baba

The sole purpose of creation is for the soul to enjoy the infinite state of the Oversoul consciously. Although the soul eternally exists in and with the Oversoul in an inviolable unity, it cannot be conscious of this unity independently of creation, which is within the limitations of time. It must therefore evolve consciousness before it can realize its true status and nature as being identical with the infinite Oversoul, which is one without a second. The evolution of consciousness requires the duality of subject and object-the center of consciousness and the environment (that is, the world of forms).

The primary purpose of creation is to create full Self-knowledge, or God-realization, in every soul.

Your purpose is to raise people to higher levels of consciousness.

The life of the spirit does not consist in turning away from worldly spheres of existence, but in reclaiming them for the divine purpose, which is to bring love, peace, happiness, beauty, and spiritual Perfection within the reach of everyone.

Quotes from the book “The Holy Science” by Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri

The highest aim of religion is Atmajnanam, Self-knowledge. All creatures, from the highest to the lowest in the link of creation, are found eager to realize three things: Existence (realization of the permanency of the soul, indestructible, ever-existing), Consciousness, and Bliss (contentment of the heart). These three qualities constitute the real nature of man. The real Self is the Eternal Spirit.

In this state man comprehends his Self as a fragment of the Universal Holy Spirit, and, abandoning the vain idea of his separate existence, unifies himself with the Eternal Spirit; that is, becomes one and the same with God the Father. This unification of Self with God is Kaivalya, which is the Ultimate Object of all created beings. This unification with God is the ultimate goal of man. The purpose of life is the evolution, through self-effort, of man’s limited mortal consciousness into God Consciousness.

Life and death come under the control of the yogi who perseveres in the practice of Pranayama. In that way he saves his body from the premature decay that overtakes most men, and can remain as long as he wishes in his present physical form, thus having time to work out his karma in one body and to fulfil (and so get rid of) all the various desires of his heart. Finally purified, he is no longer required to come again into this world under the influence of Maya, Darkness, or to suffer the “second death.”

Man’s purpose is complete freedom from unhappiness. Once he has banished all pain beyond possibility of return, he has attained the highest goal.

Quotes from Eckhart Tolle from a few YouTube videos

Eckhart Tolle – What’s my Purpose? (YouTube)

Your purpose is to be here fully

To align yourself with this moment internally

Being fully present with whatever you are doing

The Divine Purpose Of The Universe (YouTube)

To enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold.

The Universe, consciousness wants to awaken, it wants to become conscious of itself.

The Universe delights in creation, in creativity, creating new life forms and experiencing itself through all those forms.

With every experience the universe is experiencing itself as form. Every life form is unique.

The Universe also wants to realize itself in its essence (inwardly) not just outwardly by creating, so also stepping away from becoming (doing, creating) into being.

In some humans the outward tendency is greater, in some humans the inward tendency is greater, both are necessary, they will be present in different degrees.

Finding a balance between these too, and creating not from a place of egoic need, but a playful participation in the world of form and contributing to it without losing itself (without seriousness, heaviness, stress) in the creation / in the doing. So to BE and DO at the same time.

So the divine purpose of the Universe is to know itself both through the creation of form and through realization of the formless essence. And you are here as part of that.

Personal Story

Soon after finishing my University studies, within the next 3 years when I changed employer and it turned out to be “a bad decision”, it was nothing like I hoped for – it just did not work out the way I thought – I suddenly found myself questioning my decision and whether I chose the right profession and what I should do next. I had many questions and no answers.

Then I think it must have been some form of intuition, I had thoughts, which were uncommon for me – maybe a “psychic” could help me give me insights from a different perspective. I thought, why not, let’s try and see. I found an online website, where I was able to find and contact a few such people with extrasensory skills.

I sent a few of them a message asking them whether they were psychic since they were born or whether they had a life changing experience or moment in their life, which led them on that path. One replied something like “follow your own inner guidance”. Another one replied that for him it was reading one particular book: “Seth speaks by Jane Roberts”.

I decided to read the same book and that is where my personal spiritual journey started. The two main topics which were totally new to me were: “out of body experiences” and “channeling”. I felt fascinated, and I started researching and reading more about these topics and kept uncovering more and more related topics (I was following my inner guidance).

By first learning how to have an out of body experience consciously, I opened up more to the understanding that we are much more than just a physical body and that there is awareness, which appears to exist independently of the physical body.

To read more about the meaning of life and about ‘what’s the point of living’, we suggest the chapter “Give Meaning to Your Life” in the free e-book “Quest for a depression-free life”.

Get insights into your personal life path:

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