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Quest for a Depression-Free Life

A Practical Guidebook

Awakening from Depression

Holistic and alternative approaches to live a more meaningful, successful, joyful life.

Technical: 196 pages, ~69.000 words, A4

Out of other “depression books”, this book is very up to date and is being updated based on reader’s feedback.

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Who is it for?

What type of reader/person is this book about depression for?

This book was written for those who wish to find out more about:

  • what are depression symptoms
  • what causes depression
  • depression tests
  • depression devices
  • complementary therapies how to treat depression naturally and holistically
  • recommendations from different experts
  • different overcoming depression approaches
  • and more…

All in one place, in one document, in the form of a practical book.

I wrote it for those:

  • who feel depressed
  • who know somebody who is depressed and they want to help
  • who are not fully satisfied with something and often feel negative emotions
  • who feel stuck in life and don’t know what to do next in their life
  • who are interested in various holistic health topics
  • who seek a meaning in living their life
  • who are on a spiritual path of awakening to their true nature, becoming consciously aware of that, which is beyond the physical and the thinking mind

Why read a book about depression?

What separates this book about depression from other depression books?

Table of Contents

how are you really

How satisfied are you with your life?

Are you happy with yourself and with your life?
Do you wish to explore it deeper?

Book: Quest for a depression-free life

About the book

How to live life and why? How to live a happy life? Why are so many people unhappy? Why am I one of those people? Why am I unhappy even when there are so many things I could be happy about? Strange, isn’t it? But I want answers! These are some of the questions, which many of us ask ourselves. There seems to prevail a lack of clarity, a lack of understanding about these fundamental topics.

Can a person who has no physical pain and no negative thoughts suffer? And why do we allow so many toxins to enter and accumulate in our bodies and minds? Is there always lack of something and rarely fullness of satisfaction?

I will take you on a journey of looking at many different ways of healing our physical, mental, emotional aspects, and getting in touch with the spiritual side of our existence. If we lack true connection to our true spiritual nature of existence, then we will always be searching for and chasing after happiness at the wrong places.

If you want to reach a limited level of happiness: go for physical, mental, emotional health, or for instant gratifications, or choose the simplest of ways you can feel happy and become an expert in directing your focus on them for the rest of your life. But, if you want to fully embody your highest potential and reach an unlimited abundance of love, joy and happiness, then strive for heart based living using values such as kindness and goodness. Strive for true inner peace. It’s an inward journey to realize who you are beyond the concepts and rules of the limited mind.

I wish to share with everyone, what I learned during my 10 year quest for a depression-free life. My goal is for more people to learn to release unnecessary pressure in healthy and effective ways, reach a more balanced state of holistic health, find meaning in their life, and embark on a journey of finding their truth and their connection to the unconditional love of their true core essence.

Help overcoming depression is one of the main goals of this book about depression.

If you are looking for deep new insights about depression, then this overcoming depression book is here to help. It already helped many.

Start living a depression-free life.


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Yes, a physical book is planned for the updated and revised version containing also a few more chapters. The estimated release date is in 2021. One of the big advantages of the e-version is the easier accessibility of the many referenced links. An electronic version will remain available too.

Yes, but it is not guaranteed. You may reach out through the Services page and you may get an appointment. The availability my increase/decrease in the future.

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