Who We Are?

Our Mission

Help heal depression. Help reduce suffering in the world.

Make holistic healing approaches better known to more people by sharing helpful knowledge and making a positive difference in the world. Inspire for holistic living and living based on meaningful values.

Our Core Values

We act based on the following core values:

Why and How?

We believe in goodness. It is the obvious choice. We wish to see goodness all around us.

Living by example. Sharing working solutions. Inspiring others to do the same and to collaborate on projects which have pure love-based intentions.

Book: Quest for a depression-free life

About the book author

In the mainstream way of describing myself: I was born in Slovakia, Europe in 1985. I always liked sport and I did mostly: swimming and playing tennis. I became interested in computers and the Internet around the age of 15. In the end I decided to study IT in Slovakia at a University for 5 years. I worked in IT in a few different countries (Slovakia, Germany, Austria). These different environments and experiences contributed in my personal exploration of life from a few more perspectives. The first time I got interested in spirituality was at the age of 25. And the very first two topics were: out of body experiences and channeling. Since then I continued exploring related topics. I knew I was searching for something, but couldn’t give a name to it for a long time. Now I know that it is certain higher/positive states of being independent of whatever outer circumstances one is perceiving. A state of true inner peace, inner love, inner joy, fullness of satisfaction. A state which is not tied to or dependent upon a certain type of career nor certain amount of money. A state unknown to many. A state which is worth striving for and living from. It’s a journey of letting go, releasing, cleansing, clearing up of that which is blocking or covering it up. Establishing and living based on healthy values such as: love, peace, kindness, selflessness. If you want a New Year’s resolution for every year for the rest of your life, here it is: “use as many moments as I recognize to express kindness to myself and others with thoughts, words and deeds, without any expectations, conditions, attachments”.