List of Positive Emotions Other Than Happiness

List of positive emotions other than happiness


Happiness is a positive emotion and is among the list of positive emotions.

Why do you want to be happy? The most straightforward answer is “because it feels good!”

When you want to be happy, you have to stop the two most common wrong ways, how people keep happiness away:

  1. Don’t focus on not being happy / on being unhappy / on what you don’t want
  2. Don’t focus on wanting to be happy. Wanting is about not being happy. It is just affirming the state of wanting, which is not having that. It is waiting for the outside to change first, without sending out the right message/signals/frequency. It is affirming not being happy now and you are not doing anything that leads to feeling happy, such as a beneficial change of attitude, change of thoughts you are thinking about, doing something proactively – creating that state of being consciously with certain attitude/thoughts/actions.

To be happy:

  1. Focus on thoughts, which create a feeling of internal happiness immediately
  2. Focus on doing the actions, which you know lead to happiness
  3. Focus on doing certain actions, where the act of doing itself makes you feel happy
  4. Condition yourself to be happy about little things in life
  5. Change your facial expression and start smiling, find something to laugh about (one way of doing it is for example in a laughter yoga class)

Don’t put your happiness too far away into the future.

Often just changing the attitude to a more playful child-like attitude is enough. Some suggestions to achieve such an attitude is for example by humming a melody, playing with the intonation of words from serious and monotone to playful, funny.

Happiness is individual – some people are happy with much less than others. Know which actions make you feel happy – the act of doing itself, not just an end result.

If you create a list of all the things that make you happy, you can then refer to it whenever you want to be or feel happy again and choose something from your own list. You can add new things to the list continuously during the year. Just start with what comes to your mind now, don’t lose and don’t forget about the list.

It is natural not to be happy all the time. We go through many different emotions during our lives and often during the course of a day. Life is full of change. One of the guarantees in life is that there are numerous changes happening constantly all around us. We live, we are alive, we interact and do stuff and we face different life situations and external stimulus. People constantly do something and interact with the environment, which leads to changes and it influences our behavior, the thoughts we think, and how we feel about what we are perceiving and focusing on.

Happiness has many definitions. One of them is: Happiness is thinking happy thoughts. If you struggle with thinking happy thoughts, you may benefit from some extra help in the form of listening to self-hypnosis audio regularly to get new positive stimulus into your powerful subconscious mind.

To understand happiness and manifestation more, I suggest reading the chapter about happiness and the chapter about practical exercises in the book: “Quest for a Depression-free Life, a Practical Guidebook”. You can get inspiration from it for your own list “thoughts, things and activities that make me feel happy”.

Not just happiness

There are much more other positive emotions to focus on more consciously, not just happiness. It is possible. It can become a habit, a very useful habit to choose and start to cultivate.

Do not limit yourself by thinking most of the time only about how to be happy. It is narrowing down your focus to a small spectrum of positive emotions. Beside happiness, there are more positive emotions to choose from, which also feel very good, pleasant, positive.

List of positive emotions

The quality of your thoughts depends hugely on what you focus on and what type of questions you ask yourself. To come up with good constructive ideas, widen the range of positive questions you keep asking yourself regularly.

Don’t just wait passively for what happens more or less randomly, out of little or no action, and out of paying attention to more negativity than positivity.

Both negativity and positivity exists in the world. The question is: where do YOU choose and keep choosing to put your attention and focus on? That will be what you will be experiencing more of in YOUR life. That will be the “glasses” you put on, and through which you will perceive your daily life.

Don’t just ask yourself: How can I be happy?

Ask yourself also all of the following: How, where, when can I be or feel:

  1. Free, feel freedom
  2. Peaceful
  3. Relaxed
  4. Pleased
  5. Appreciative, Grateful, Thankful
  6. Fulfilled
  7. Satisfied
  8. Contented
  9. Amazed
  10. Delighted
  11. Recognized, valued
  12. Relieved
  13. Inspired
  14. Motivated
  15. Encouraged
  16. Empowered
  17. Hopeful
  18. Optimistic
  19. Enthusiastic
  20. Thrilled
  21. Happy
  22. Joyful
  23. Smiling, laughing
  24. Warm-hearted
  25. Loving, feeling of being loved, or loving someone or something
  26. Passionate
  27. Romantic
  28. Sexy
  29. Orgasmic
  30. Euphoric
  31. Blissful

Be grateful that there are so many positive emotions to choose from.

Lighten up, let go of all that seriousness. Exercise your playfulness and creativity. Spend more time in nature and while you are there observe the beauty more consciously. Do something that makes somebody else happy.

Be a conscious creator of your life. Choose consciously what you focus on and take action to create a wide range of various positive life experiences.

Ask yourself positive questions to get answers that are more positive and generate thoughts that are more positive.

What activities do you enjoy in life? How often do you do them?

Activities create positive emotions
Enjoyable Activities