How To Search For Dealing With Loneliness

How to search for dealing with loneliness

Searching for Help with Loneliness Online

We will share some useful search suggestions for how to deal with loneliness. Search terms and search tips to find more useful help for dealing with loneliness.

Sometimes whether you find something helpful or not, when you are searching online on the Internet, depends also on which search terms you use. Different search terms means using different words and their combinations and their order.

For example, you can use the two words “help” and “loneliness” to create the following search terms:

  • help loneliness
  • lonely help
  • help me with loneliness
  • lonely need help
  • helping someone who is lonely
  • … many others

Even though essentially many of them (using different synonyms) mean the same or almost the same, they will lead to different search results in search engines such as google, which means a different set and order of pages will appear to choose from to visit and read the content there.

If you are searching with different search terms, which have the same meaning and intention behind it, you will get different search engine results, because of how search engines rank pages also based on keywords (search terms/phrases). This way you may find other helpful articles and blog posts, which one of them may be more helpful than the search engine results for other synonymous search terms, which don’t show it.

You can use different search terms if you did not find what you are searching for and you are still looking for more information.

What other similar search terms to use for “help with loneliness”, “dealing with loneliness”?

Here is a list of the most commonly used search terms (we used the “loneliness” keyword on wordtracker website to find these search terms).

11 Search Suggestions to fight/combat/overcome Loneliness

  1. how to deal with loneliness
  2. dealing with loneliness
  3. how to cope with loneliness
  4. how to fight loneliness
  5. coping with loneliness
  6. how to combat loneliness
  7. how to overcome loneliness
  8. how to cure loneliness
  9. how to beat loneliness
  10. cure for loneliness
  11. killing loneliness


You can further consider searching for specific types of files/media, such as one of the following:

  • pdf documents
  • videos (you can use youtube not just for entertainment, but also simply as a visual search engine for all kinds of topics including loneliness related topics such as “help with loneliness”)

How to search for “help lonely” PDF documents?

Copy and paste or just type one of the following (doesn’t matter which one, the result is the same, choose the one you like more, perhaps the first shorter version) at the end of your search term in google:



So your search term becomes: help lonely ext:pdf

Search help lonely pdf files

How to search for “help lonely” VIDEOS?

When you use google on Desktop, click on “Videos”:

Search help lonely videos

Note that this “Videos” Tab is not the same as searching for videos on youtube.

If you want to search for videos – only on youtube, then use youtube for example “dealing with loneliness” instead of google as your search engine interface/website.

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